Thursday, March 19, 2009

Videos In the Classroom

There are many websites that offer videos that may have valuable content for the classroom. For example the videos on my blog titled Lung Sounds and Adolescent Identity were found on two different websites YouTube and Google Video. Both videos I added can be very useful for lectures in Nursing. Videos can be a fun way to grab the students attention and can save you a lot of time preparing a powerpoint slide show that may already exist! The Adolescent Identity video is a stream of quotes that 11th graders wrote when they were asked to answer the question "who am I?" The statements the students made could really provoke some thought and open up a discussion on Identity. The other video which is more of a tutorial on lung sounds is a great way to help the students learn how the lungs actually sound and to help student's ears recognize later what they may hear on a real person. There are so many opportunities to bring videos into the classroom and can help make lessons more meaningful and creative!

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  1. Caitlin,
    You are so right about videos saving us time as teachers. We now have access to so many great tools via the internet that it always pays to search for what others have shared before feeling that we have to create something ourselves.
    Dr. Burgos