Monday, April 6, 2009


Podcast Pickle is a great site to find podcasts and then use them in the classroom. In the nursing field treatments are constantly changing so it is very important to stay current on the literature. Having a news show for nursing is a great way to do this. I found a podcast show called The Nursing Show. from searching on Podcast Pickle. You can listen right on the podcast pickle website or you can go to the blog and listen there. This could be used in the classroom by finding a feed on the topic of interest such as Pediatric Cough and Cold Medications and Episode 53 and having students listen from home. The students could then turn in a paper with their comments/ summary or a short discussion could occur in the classroom. These feeds are a great way to incorporate information that is already out there and can save the teacher some time as well!

Flickr in the Classroom

Flickr has millions of photographs from places all around the world. This site could be used as a project for global cooperation to increase the students understanding of other cultures and the settings in which they live. Students could be assigned to search a specific country or group of people and find a picture that really tells them something about a different culture or area. They could then be instructed to interpret the picture and describe the impression they get of the culture or area from it. Students could then describe what it might mean for those people's lives and how aspects of them might be different from what they are used to in their own culture.


Two global cooperation websites, The Global Schoolhouse and Epals are both places where teachers and learners can collabroate with people all around the world. Global Schoolhouse offers content, programs, tools and resources that can be used in the classroom, as well as ideas for school projects. It has interactive web games for students to learn geography and offers scholarships for web based projects that middle and high school students create about the importance of international affairs and diplomacy. Epals is a simlar website that offers information with a focus around international collaboration. It also has a blog called SchoolBlog where anyone from around the world can post. It also has a special classroom search tool where you can find a classroom and learn what projects teachers from all over are doing.

Example of use in the classroom
Both websites would be a great way for students to learn from interacting on the web with people from other countries. On Epals students could be instructed to follow along already created learning sesssions that have text, videos or even blogs. Students could write a summary or an opionion of the content that was presented or could post their comments right to the blog. Students would be using interactive web tools and be learning about other cultures and traditions which will promote a better understaning of global communites.